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by - February 09, 2017

Hasil gambar untuk title tumblr
This is my own codes, so if your repost mine without permission, probably I'd gonna kill you. Follow the steps. Warning : this tutorial just made for designer or denim template


1. Go to your account
2. Choose Template, then click Edit HTML
3. Expand Template Widget would be the first step
4. Find body { code with Ctrl + F
5. Copy this code :

.sidebar h2 {
font-family: Didact Gothic;
font-size: 35px;
color: #999;
text-align: center;
text-decoration: none;
padding: 3px;
margin: .75em 0 0;
border: 2px dashed #999;
background: white;

6. Paste right above that code you've searching
7. Click Save Template.

Notes :
- Blue Text  mean you can change the name with another font name you like
- Green text mean you can resize font's pixel
- Red text > you can change with other color codes. Search HERE.

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